Romantic Sansa Stark and Margaery Tygell Cosplay by Bookish Cosplay


This cosplay by Tookish Cosplay shows how two close friends could conceivably become lovers. After all, Sansa Stark and Margaery Tygell share a common source of suffering with their ties to King Joffrey: Sansa as his ex-fiancee and Margaery as his wife (however short-lived that was). The costumes are well made and accurate to the show, and props to hannaherpicturebook for excellent photography. The natural light gives the photo a nice ambience, creating cool patterns on Anne’s and Anouck’s dresses, and all of the colors used complement each other nicely.


Some very shippy pictures from our shoot in the botanical gardens of Utrecht a week ago! Cosplays are made and worn by us, you can find us seperately as Vos Cosplay and Costumes (Margaery) and Lavinia Cosplay (Sansa).

Pictures were taken by hannaherpicturebook and edited by yours truly.


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