Hilarious Frozen/Game Of Thrones Elsa, Anna, and Joffrey Cosplay by jdevoll, Nina, and mjolnirismypenis


You don’t need to be an literature scholar to appreciate the concept of “understatement,” especially when it’s applied to modern movies and television. Here, Frozen’s Elsa disapproves of the second potential boyfriend Anna’s brought to the palace… who is none other than the ruthless, infamous King Joffrey from Game of Thrones! The costumes worn by jdevoll, Nina, and molnirismypenis in this cosplay are all quite accurate, and the setting used for danikhaleesi’s photos is upscale enough to provide an appropriate background for Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Great cosplay, and hopefully Anna’s infatuation with King Joffrey will be over before too long.


“Anna, you can’t marry someone you just met.”


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