Fiercely Fantastic Elsa Frozen Cosplay by Daily Life of a Dizzy Fangirl

The cold may never bother Elsa, but it probably bothers her cosplayers. Serious kudos to those who can do hours-long photoshoots in the cold, including Daily Life of a Dizzy Fangirl. Her cosplay of Elsa really takes everything into account… pose, expression, costume, background, and props, and each is done equally well. That said, my favorite is the costume, since it’s so ingenious. If it’s what I think it is, a blue strapless dress over a white long-sleeved shirt, that’s a winning combination and I love Dizzy Fangirl for it. Friend Sam took some excellent photos, too.


My Elsa Cosplay!

Special thanks to my friend Sam for taking/editing these photos over the weekend! (I edited some of them as well except that I had no idea what I was doing can you tell the difference)

The photoshoot didn’t last long because we had to take into consideration that I am not actually Elsa and the cold is a bit of an issue, especially in the booneys of Québec

There might be more photos to come

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