Susy Gala Does Whatever It Takes To Win Fortnite


Fortnite is the hottest game out right now, so it’s no wonder the people over at VRCosplayX got one of the hottest women, Susy Gala, to do this VR Cosplay. Everyone wants to find the chests in Fortnite, but Susy’s chest is way better than any shining gold one. She’s dancing, thinking no one is looking when you break down a wall and find this beauty. And, when she sees that you have her dead to rights, she makes you an offer, proving she will do ANYTHING to put you on your back and be the last woman standing.

Susy Gala is a gorgeous Latina woman with an amazing body and a stunningly beautiful face. Her flawless skin, thick long eyelashes, and pouty red lips are the perfect package. The way she bats her eyelashes at you looks so innocent, but you just know it’s all an act so that you let your guard down. She also has some beautiful tattoos all over her perfect body, but in all honesty, the real artwork is all her.

Susy Gala has been making her way through Tilted Towers, blasting everyone in sight. You first see her after she’s made a fresh kill. She’d already looted the guy – poor fucker had nothin’ on him but a shotgun and a slurp juice, and she proceeds to rub it in with a sexy dance on top of his corpse. You’ve got this sexy bitch right where you want her, but right as you’re about to pull the trigger, she tempts you with an offer: spare her life and she’ll give you sexual favors and guarantee you safe passage to the end game. You’re breaking so many rules, but who cares when this juicy Spanish ass bouncing on your cock?


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