Scar 13 in a dark Blade Runner type setting


BlueBlood brings us Scar 13 as shot by Kelly Lind. The setting reminds me of a few director cuts of Blade Runner with the dark post-modern glam style. Alex La Marsh does an awesome job at making Scar 13 look straight out of humanity’s dark future. Scar 13 models the mix of silver bikini and furs really well. The overall dark and gritty feel for the shoot works to project a feel that Scar 13 might not be the last survivor of something bad, but she is definitely one of the tough few who clawed their way into life. I really like the claustrophobic feel of the room and the use of the window by the chair. It gives the entire shoot a smothering effect of a woman’s world enclosed within herself.


Yesterday, I got to say “Here for the Illuminati private party” at Morton’s and it was most awesome and got me thinking along science fiction lines. So I thought a somewhat futuristic-feeling set would be just the thing. The cool makeup is by Alex La Marsh and the photography for this set is by Kelly Lind.
–Amelia G


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