Scar 13 Is A Green Temptation


BlueBlood brings us this “super green” gallery (watch “The Fifth Element” if you don’t get that, I’ll wait), featuring the enigmatic Scar 13.

On this occasion, she is portraying a swamp monster, and, as we watch her, we cannot help but thank our lucky stars that Erotic Fandom makes possible things like these.

Scar 13 looks like a specter who lures her targets in by seducing them, and we would not mind being her prey.

This swamp creature makes me feel a lot of things, but afraid is not one of them.

Her voracious look has the potential to make you excited that you might be her next victim; and, if you get to die in those arms, it would not be surprising that you even ask for seconds.

Scar 13 kind of looks like the She-Hulk the teenagers inside us were hoping for; or, you know: a very exposed Poison Ivy, I cannot make my mind up yet.

What do you think?


In the spirit of Halloween, we bring you sexy monsters! Kristin Tercek, of Cuddly Rigor Mortis, was super cool enough to send an awesome little hand made swamp creature guy and we were inspired to shoot something really fun and creative with him. So, Amelia and Scar and I trundled out in the middle of the night to get supplies. Scar created the most awesome swamp in what turned out to be her bedroom, which unfortunately smelled like moss for quite some time after. But, I think it was worth it. Hope you enjoy these too! Scar makes a great monster, and so does Kristin, for that matter. ~Forrest



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