Lana Captivating Pirotess Cosplay


Lana is cosplaying as Pirotess from Record of Lodoss war, and her outfit is absolutely stunning. It is white, and since the character is an elf she also has a pair of ears to complete the costume, which works great with the overall scenery.

She plays around with a sword while posing in different ways that get you ready for when she reveals the parts of her body that her costume is struggling to conceal, and while she does not get fully naked in this CosplayErotica set, she does show you enough of her body for you to have a more than memorable experience witnessing the hot moves and seductive stares of this beautiful lady.




She is among the best of the dark elves, a figure of graceful beauty and deadly skill. Only two have been known to match Pirotess’ abilities: Deedlit, a High Elf, and Ashram, whose own skill goes beyond what would normally be possible for a human.




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