Lana as a hunter in Crisis


Note: I originally put this as from Crysis the video game. As someone pointed out, I was mistaken. This is actually Regina from Dino Crisis. Again, I apologize to any Dino Crisis fans that I may have upset (or even Crysis fans). This shoot by Cosplay Erotica is a blast from the past in so many ways. CosplayErotica puts Lana into hunter mode. They drop her off on the island with nothing more than a gun, a knife, some killer PVC shininess, some gray undersuit, and a gorgeous orange hair cut. Lana really is featured here as the serious, yet seductive huntress sent to make things right. There are a lot of great poses with the gun, but one or two are honestly poster quality. What I mean by poster quality is, well, remember those posters you may have had on your bedroom wall (or ceiling, as the case may be)? The ones that somehow switched from He-Man and movie posters to maybe something a bit like a swimsuit model or the guy from Knight Rider in his speedos (I had a rather active imagination)–you know the posters. The “perfect image” captured for eternity. Well, that’s what I see for a few of these shots. I even get to include one! (It’s the one with her back to us and the gun pointed down; there’s also one where she is pulling down her PVC a tad.) Unfortunately for you, there are also a few I can’t include (imagine the PVC top popping off a bit).

If anything, this shoot really brings me back to that time when discovering “hey, you know what’s better than that Indiana Jones poster? Well, nothing. But I think this Kathy Ireland poster should go next to it too…”. Have a look at these samples and tell me if these don’t transport you back to your own bedrooms as a kid (assuming you aren’t currently in that bedroom still–hey, no judgement!).

Oh, and did I forget to mention there was a video with this set? I liked how it showed a bit of the behind the scenes action with the slight make up and the weapon handling. Speaking of weapons, the knife gets to kiss a bit of flesh (a slight trace) and Lana uses it rather seductively. A lover’s kiss–that’s all a knife ever wants. How deep the kiss though, that’s the rub. In this video it gently glides across more than one body part on its way to the sheath.

Name: Lana
Body: Fashion
Legs: Very long
Boobs: Large
Hair: Blonde


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