Lana Cosplays As Graceful Combatant Miu Fūrinji


Lana cosplays as Miu Fūrinji from the series History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi by wearing a purple spandex outfit and a red jacket, along with red knee guards, gloves and boots to show you her martial arts training prowess, as well as her bare and thoroughly sensual oiled up body. So rejoice! For in this CosplayErotica set the costume does come off completely.

I like how Lana pays special attention to the details of the character in her cosplay, such as the beauty mark under her left eye that does appear throughout the shoot.

Something I will make a note of are her shapely breasts because when you see them without her costume on you’ll notice how perfectly shaped they are. Seriously, when they are plain for you to see and she strikes her fighting poses you’ll understand what I am talking about here.

Lana’s hairstyle is very interesting since her wonderful blonde hair is arranged in a combination between pigtails and braids that perfectly compliment her attractive facial features, and maintains a seductive, albeit playful aura that she is able to present within each image, not to mention the video that accompanies this set where you can see her stretching and warming up before a rather different training session.



Despite her arduous past and her numerous chores, Miu has constantly shown herself to be a very kind-hearted, cheerful, gentle, polite and upbeat individual, constantly caring for other people and helping in their needs. Unfortunately in contrast to her gentle nature, Miu’s intense training from her grandfather has conditioned her to by instinct throw people who sneak up behind her; a trait that her grandfather claims to be unintentional on her part.



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