The Burning Angel girls star in The Devil You Know video


I’m a mod. For those non-Brits that can translate into “I’m a dude who loves metal”. The Devil You Know‘s new video “The Way We Die” landed on my desk. At first I thought I was going to watch a spoof of From Dusk Till Dawn, but I was surprised a bit when one of the guys walking into the strip club started screaming (not in the eeek! There’s a mouse! type way but a Metal Yell). This video was a real treat for me. Not only does the band have a great sound (think heavy screams mixed with melodic vocals) but the girls in the video look all so familiar. Burning Angel stars Joanna Angel, Lily Lane, Annie Cruz, and Jessie Lee lend their support to the band in this video. It was a great shift to see them working a club scene. They have a lot of great moves (and I’m not talking about the band here). The album, “They Bleed Red”, is now on sale and if this video/single is any indication on what the rest sounds like, they can count me in as a fan.

Enough music talk! We came here for pictures and pictures ye shall have! Of course, you can see the whole video on Burning Angel.

John Sankey (drums) states: ‘There’s nothing more rock n’ roll then spending the night at a Hollywood strip club partying and getting wild with a bunch of sexy porn stars, so when it came time for us to decide on a concept for our latest video shoot that’s exactly what we did. What metalhead doesn’t want to see hot tattooed girls dancing and stripping while listening to heavy guitar riffs, thunderous bass, pummeling drums and HOJO singing about ‘The Way We Die’? It’s the perfect heavy metal storm!

‘The infamous Burning Angel girls were a blast to hang out with and we had a whole lot of fun letting them entertain us for the evening. Howard got to do some ‘pole fishing’, Francesco was making it rain, Ryan was getting plenty of attention at the pool table and I got a bit too busy with some of the ladies in the corner and eventually got us all kicked out. No regrets! We had no interest in doing another performance video with us jamming out, since we did that last album and wanted to shake things up. This was all about us having fun, getting crazy, living the dream and sharing it with the world to enjoy.’

Howard Jones (vocals)
Francesco Artusato (guitars)
John Sankey (drums)
Ryan Wombacher (bass)


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