KAMW’s Succubus Queen Cosplay


Mabinogi is an anime inspired 3D MMORPG. I’ve been a fan of Mabinogi for a while now and that is why I can say that this cosplay is just delightful. This is of the Succubus Queen from Mabinogi.

Korean cosplayer, KAMW, who has been to dozens of overseas cosplay events as a guest, is apparently also a costume and prop maker. This talented woman is fond of cosplaying game characters and she had shared on her social media account that she had in fact made this Succubus Queen costume that she wore in the photoshoot. She also oftentimes shared detailed photos of her costumes on her blog. It’s impressive because leather and lace are pretty tricky to work with and is not for the newbies to handle but KAMW’s seasoned hands at cosplay making was able to sew it to fit perfectly. Her intricate accessories and even her wings look absolutely stunning overall as well.


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