PureTaboo Ghost Rocket – now with new and improved alien probes


This award nominated production from PureTaboo brings their Ghost Rocket to life. We all know I’m a fan of Bree Mills–I think Bree’s writing and imagination is one of the best I’ve seen in ages. We also know I love aliens and the ‘sexy alien comes to lonely nerd’ trope is something most of us watched through childhood. However, when you bring Bree’s imagination and the skills (and boy, do I mean skills–you’ll see–spoilers, darling, spoilers) of Cherie DeVille and Michael Vegas to that trope–boy do things heat up and leave an impression.

Acting, as always, is top notch. Michael Vegas plays the perfect little nerd out in the middle of nowhere–tinfoil hat and all. I also love the performance by Cherie DeVille–the look on her face when entering the bedroom is fantastic. It’s the perfect capture of a really hot woman (aka an alien to most mortals) entering the den of geekdom. DeVille pulls off the character nicely–the strange with the familiar mix–and part the best acting is also the hottest. There are scenes I can’t describe that are both perfect for the ‘non-porn’ aspect of the story and sizzling hot for the adult aspects. Rocket fuel has never been more fun. There are also moments that led me go “what the f…” and scream ‘no no no no no no’ repeatedly at my monitor. You know what? Those were real reactions because the way the story coaxes you into things. If art’s purpose is to elicit emotions from the viewer, then this little movie has a plethora of purpose.

You can never go wrong with Bree Mills and this feature is definitely worth checking out. I have to warn you–check the keywords before you go into it, though. This movie takes ‘alien anal probe’ a whole new level.

They regard each other for a moment before she starts to approach the car. Roger is scared. What is this strange woman doing out here? She presses her hands on his driver side window, trying to open it, and speaking in a strange language he doesn’t understand. Finally, Roger rolls it down. ‘What… do… you… want?’ He stammers. She stops, takes a moment to compute what she just heard, and then begins talking slowly again — in English. ‘Hello human male,’ she says. ‘May I please enter your craft so I may breed with you?’


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