VelvetSarcasm Is A Purrfect Catwoman


What does one do when faced with the choice of becoming a very ambitious character with an interesting moral compass but a really cool suit? VelvetSarcasm becomes Catwoman of course, in all her purrfect glory.

The suit is practically covering every bit of her, which makes the look even more interesting as the cutie takes to showing it off and all the latex, rubber and little gadgets attached to it.

The night is young and full of prey to catch for VelvetSarcasm to play with!

VelvetSarcasm Is A Purrfect Catwoman

VelvetSarcasm Is A Purrfect Catwoman

VelvetSarcasm writes:

(In this virtual orgy space we make fun of ourselves, share our most intimate fetishes, frustrated dreams, alter egos, guilty tastes, enjoy talking with sarcasm, complain all day long about everything, think of impossible possibilities and probably the most pessimistic and phantasmagoric but cool room ever).


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