Whip-Wielding Cyborg, Hanabusa


Zone 00 is an ongoing manga that started in 2000. The setting is in a world where demons and humans coexist peacefully. However, a drug called Zone 00 has been said to make demons lose control over themselves and they start to wreak havoc all over Tokyo. Enter a regular student who doubles as an exorcist and his classmate who is a demon – the two must work together to fix everything before it’s too late.

If Zone 00 will be turned into anime in the future, pretty much, a flood of cosplays form this fandom is to be expected as people will start jumping into the bandwagon. But seems like Kamw, has already called dibs on one of her favourite characters. She’s among of the first to portray Zone 00’s very own whip-wielding cyborg, Hanabusa.

Kamw’s costume was made by Neo Costume Play Specialty Store.

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