Sultry Seductress Morrigan Aensland


When talking about a sexy succubus in the gaming world, the name Morrigan Aensland would surely be on the list. Though most would probably remember Morrigan from fighting games like Marvel vs. Capcom or Pocket Fighters, Morrigan first appeared in the arcade game Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors as the anti-hero and main protagonist of the game.

Following Morrigan’s appearances in different games, countless figures and statuettes of her were produced by different manufacturers. One of which is this version that cosplayer, Kamw, has chosen to portray. This version is based from the Vampire Savoir – Morrigan Aensland Utatane ver. Figure by Yoiko. Kamw, is quite known for cosplaying sexy game characters and it isn’t entirely surprising that she would bring to life this notable ass-kicking seductress effortlessly.

Kamw’s costume was made by Neo Costume Play Specialty Store.

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