Sexy Succubus Morrigan Aensland Cosplay

Here’s a question to all of you Capcom gamers, when you hear the words Marvel vs. Capcom and succubus, who do you automatically think of? Morrigan Aensland? Yeah, me too.

From the day it was released up until present time Marvel vs. Capcom remains to be one of the better fighting game crossovers in the markets. This franchise, that started out as an arcade game has certainly made a mark in the history of fighting games.

Among the game’s very large roster of characters is Morrigan Aensland. A beautiful, sexy, confident, conceited and playful succubus. Originally, she was designed by the creators to be a vampire bur later decided that she was to be a succubus. While vampire characters certainly seem to be a thing these days. For cosplayer kisakirumi, Morrigan being a succubus wasn’t a problem at all and she decided to cosplay this character without a second thought.

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