Djarii Becomes The Mother Of Dragons

Game of Thrones may be over, but there is always a great time for a cosplay make-up look that is inspired by Daenerys Targaryen crossed with one of her dragons. Make-up artist and twitch streamer Djarii is incredibly talented with these looks, and she will show you how to pull off something this amazing.

She starts off by applying the dragon scale prosthetics that she made herself, she did not have any footage of that but gives us an explanation of the process. She took some Crayola Model Magic and sculpted over a face cast she made of herself, and then poured liquid latex over it to create the applique. She applies the prosthetics with some Pros-Aide and the wig she is wearing is just an affordable one from Amazon.  She uses some liquid latex to seal the prosthetics on and help them blend, using it to make some little spikes in the process too. She puts a purple contact in one eye to look like book Dany and a dragon contact goes into the other one. She then puts primer on her eyes and does her foundation with a fluffy Nyx brush.

She does some gentle contouring and then puts some Kylie lip liner on her lips for a soft nude like color. To get the fluffy brow look of Dany, she uses Nyx micro brow pencil and gel to fluff them up and make them defined. She then gets to painting the prosthetics with a mixture of Mehron AQ Paradise paints and some eyeshadow, as well as some Nyx SFX paints to give it a gruesome appearance. She highlights the tips edges with some white paint to make them stand out and make the skin look distressed. Some fake blood helps finish the look off, and she is ready to burn down some kingdoms!

She does some amazing work here and does a great job of telling us how it is done. If you want to see the full process of this kind of paint then check out her streams on Twitch where she does live shows of these paints.



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