Sylvanas Windrunner Makeup Transformation


As both an avid World of Warcraft player and a lover of cosplay and makeup, watching Djarii turn herself into Sylvanas Windrunner is truly a treat. As a member of the guild Method, she was doing this look to celebrate the release of WoW Classic and the Classic World First Race, but it also comes just in time for cosplayers who are getting ready to attend Blizzcon as well!

She starts off with painting the body portion, and she explains along the way the way she uses shadows and highlights to get the right look for the metals. She uses Mehron AQ Paradise body makeup for color and a Nyx Epic Ink Liner for the detail work of the armor. It is really fascinating to watch her start with the grey base for the skin tone and then add some blues and whites to make it look less flat. As someone who has done this type of skin for a cosplay I can really appreciate how hard it is to get it to look just right, and she does an amazing job with it. Moving on to the face, she pops in some red contacts from Crazy Lenses and starts work using the same body paints as she used before, but with some Sugarpill eyeshadows to add some color. The eyes get the smoky look with a combo of Sugarpill and Nyx eyeshadows, and she highlights with an Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Palette.

This is a gorgeous look and a stunning transformation. The tutorial is as detailed as one can be for such a large scale paint, but you can definitely get an idea of how the look is pulled off. She streams her live paints on twitch, which is a great way to watch live and see the entire process from start to finish!


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