Slave Elsa Cosplay by Ashlynne Dae


This isn’t your typical Slave Leia cosplay – it’s actually a crossover cosplay! This ultra sexy crossover between a Disney Princess/Queen and another (Disney) Star Wars Princess is brought to life by renowned cosplayer Ashlynne Dae. Attiring an Elsa wig with familiar Frozen colors, this altered Slave Leia cosplay will definitely leave fans begging for more. I wouldn’t mind building a snowman with her, if y’know what I mean -heehee. Wait, no. Anna sang that… I mean I wouldn’t mind letting it all go with her -hurrhurr. Okay, that doesn’t make sense.

In an interview with Vertvixen, Dae admits that her cosplay was inspired by original print artwork of Elsa / Princess Leia mashups. Ashlynne Dae wore this cosplay at various conventions, including WonderCon, the Star Wars Celebration Convention and Stan Lee’s ComiKaze.

I wouldn’t mind seeing more sultry crossover cosplayers! After all, there’s nothing better than combining two sexy fandoms together!

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