HOTD Hotness of the Dead


It really saddens me that the publication of the following chapters of High School of the Dead was postponed specially the anime. It’s been more than 5 years now since its’ creation and we haven’t got any update till now. But good thing the series has alot of fans worldwide and they keep on providing support to the anime and its’ characters.

Then let’s stop this drama and talk about one of the two leading heroine in the series, Busujima. If you’re reading this and have forgotten the name of the characters, just try to remember the Purple haired girl with the natural killer instinct the really worsens the Zombie Life. But hell you won’t even get scared of her being sadistic, it’ll even drive you insane with her sexiness and the near H Scenes she made with Takashi (Hello Remember the Shrine Scene guys).

Our cosplayer today is an American cosplayer from United States and goes by the name Twndomn (Town-Domn). She’s a fresh and new cosplayer in the industry which really brought us the same level of sexiness like the anime Busujima brought us. I just wish that she also partnered with someone who will act as Takashi to portray the “Shrine Scene” if you know what I mean lol. Let’s support Twndomn and her career so that we can expect more great cosplays from her in the near future by following her on her DeviantArt Gallery Page. You might be expecting a Facebook page from her but she hasn’t made one yet since like what I said, she’s just new in this field and still building her reputation and connection in the industry.


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