Rei HOTD Cosplay by Sushi Monster


hotd__behind_the_scenes_by_the_sushi_monster-d31pd2xStockings! Zombies! School Uniform! Pantsu! Highschool of the Dead (H.O.T.D.) has it all. I don’t even wonder why it got famous all across the globe even for all the hiatus and delays it made. It was one of the first zombie themed highschool killing machines with super ecchi cloths that appeared in the anime. But what made H.O.T.D. really specially isn’t because of the zombies but because of the smoking hot school girls and the realistic yet maniacal plot of the story. Obviously smoking hot school girls means horny girls with giant boobs that pretends to be innocent and all. For the story line, beside the common enemy which are the zombies, there are also human antagonist like the one who’s gone mad and encourage all the brainwashed highschoolers to get naked and have sex inside a bus to reproduce.

One of the main characters here in the story is Rei. She is a classmate and childhood friend of Takashi Komuro, and they’ve known each other since kindergarten. She is also a protagonist of the story, next to Takashi Komuro and Saeko Busujima. Rei is a member of the Sojutsu club, and her combat skills have proven to be a strong asset to the group. She fights with a spear made from a broomstick, but, later in the story, she uses a M1A1 Rifle with a bayonet attached.

Our cosplayer for today is none other than The Sushi Monster. She’s from California and works as a hairdresser. Hell the scenery for this shoot is so freakin great, they were able to capture the ruined and desperate Japan scene like in the series. Unlike most cosplay where they just take pictures on places where there are few people these photos were taken with great emphasis on the scenery. Besides that, the cosplay is even great, Rei’s tattered cloths and blooth splattered all around it brought the anime Rei to life. Heck each photo can be even made into a live action movie poster of the series but I prefer the panty shot if ever haha.
Let’s support the Sushi Monster by following her DeviantArt and Facebook Page. Let’s also give thanks to Saffel Photography for the wonderful photos/


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