Fighting Monsters with the Sexiest Gamer/Monster Busting Hero!: DVA Cosplay by Fe Galvao Cosplay


In the popular game “Overwatch“, Hana Song, alternatively known as DVA, is a top-tier professional gamer who is known for her flawless and ruthless playing style. She is the reigning world champion. However, due to the unexpected turn of events, her gaming skills were put to actual combat as monsters suddenly began attacking the Korean soil and other neighboring nations. She was scouted by the Korean government to pilot one of the MEKA units to fight for the nation against the dreadful monsters!

For overwatch game lovers and DVA fanatics out there, here’s Fe Galvao Cosplay‘s feisty and insanely hot DVA cosplay. It was inspired from DVA’s original character skin in the game. Well, I’ve seen a lot of cosplayers sport an overall costume but Fe Galvao’s DVA cosplay really looks good on her as her body’s archetype perfectly suits the look. She doesn’t just emmanate a gamer sense but also a cool yet alluring gamer look.

If all gamers and monster busters are these lovely, perhaps guys would’ve lined up to be a part of her MEKA unit or the damsel in distress! Well, in some cases, being the damsel works fine for a guy too!


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