Sexy Malice’s Bodacious Heist


Malice McMunn is such a sexy bank robber in this BlueBlood set that not even the caped crusader himself would want to stop her. She doesn’t only look deadly with her weapons and serious expression whenever she points them or waves them around, but her sensual look with her schoolgirl skirt and gothic makeup do the trick nicely to render anyone powerless to resist her charms.

She may be here to take her bounty from the bank, but that doesn’t mean she can’t also take your heart in the process.

Malice is so confident in her BarelyEvil skills that she even takes a moment to give you some unforgettably alluring sights, making this a heist you won’t mind replaying over and over in your head as you remember her perky breasts and the utter dominance she showcases with her every lustful move. There is a SFW pinup layout from this shoot in an issue of AltStar Magazine and it looks really good on my wall!

Hurray for hotties with guns!

Forrest Black and I always love working with the amazing Malice McMunn. Kickass Malice is wearing her own schoolgirl skirt and boots and a T-shirt from the ones released to celebrate the publication of BLT 25: Black Leather Times Punk Humor and Social Critique from the Zine Revolution, an omnibus collection of zines I edited. The bank robbery equipment is by artist Kevin Flint. Malice also just launched a clothing line, including one T-shirt which includes a photo Forrest and I shot of her lovely tits. So you can wear Malice’s chest on your chest. Her apparel is available at rockstar stylist mecca Forgotten Saints when you are in Los Angeles. If you want a BLT T-shirt, email with suggestions of conventions we should exhibit at in your area. Enjoy the photos!
–Amelia G


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