TUNA’s Uzuki Shimamura Cosplay


As one of South Korea’s most prominent cosplayers, TUNA, has been cosplaying for 20 years and it seems like she doesn’t plan on giving up the hobby just yet. TUNA has been a fan of Japanese idol anime and has been doing idol-themed cosplays as of late. She had taken an interest in NAMCO’s Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girl game and anime character, Uzuki Shimamura, which she found appealing and decided that wanted to cosplay her.

Though average and ordinary, Uzuki Shimamura is bright and positive with an impeccable dedication to becoming an idol. Her genuine attitude made her the underdog that everyone was rooting for and from there her fame visibly rose. Her being ordinary had made her special. Perhaps these are aspects that TUNA could relate to?


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