Add a bit of Malice to your California Deathrock


The BlueBlood team of Amelia G and Forrest Black are back at it. This time, they brought the heavy punk look with Malice. Malice reminds me of an old Roddy Piper (RIP) line. She’s the girl next door, if you lived next to a nuclear power plant. For some people, that line might be a disparaging remark. Not a punk though. For me, that line is a badge of honor and Malice wears it pretty darn well. They call it California Deathrock and I call it punk. Okay, so gone are the days of the magic marker t-shirts, but the thought is the same, isn’t it?

This Blue Blood shoot is all octane. I mean ready, set, go from the first picture to the (mostly clothless) last. I love Malice’s look. The hair is a nuclear rainbow and her sneer is painted in black. Everything works in this shoot from the ripped nylons to the leather tops. I got to use (I think *looks above his head for NSFW ban hammer*) this pretty crazy picture of demonstrating just how inked Malice is. The picture shows a bit of a skull going down below the belt line. I’ve got ink where most people shiver and shake, but that’s a mighty tender (and fine) place Malice has covered. You know a gal is hardcore when you can look at her ink and go, “That full frontal neck tattoo isn’t even the most painful thing here.” I love it.

If you love metal. If you love punk. If you love Ink and Attitude, then you really need to check this set out. I mean, Amelia G and Forrest Black don’t put just anyone on their new California Deathrock book’s front cover. By the way, you think this set is kick butt? You’ve got to check out the book. Heck, even RazorCandi (see pic below) says to check it out (and when has she been wrong about anything?).

Until that book arrives, check out a few of these pictures. They’re just a sample, but you definitely know where to find more, don’t you?

P.S. I’m pretty sure those shoes are illegal in 30 states…


This set is certainly very sexy in its own right and this series was actually part of the process for me and Forrest Black photographing Malice for the cover of our brand new California Deathrock coffee table book. Blue Blood VIP members get to see the whole series. Malice was really on the same page with us artistically. She understood what we were looking to express with the book and she brought her A game to the shoot with her amazing deathrock hair freshly re-dyed and flawlessly dramatic. Malice is dangerously pretty and super sweet and a nice person. Enjoy what we created together here.
–Amelia G


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