Shadowplay NYC Space Fashion


Shadowplay NYC uses real images from the Hubble Telescope to create their out of this world prints. Started by a pair of Parsons grads, Shadowplay offers skirts, dresses, tights and more from their Brooklyn studio. I would rock every single one of these pieces and will probably slowly start building a collection. I am very interested to see how these stack up against Black Milk’s quality, since I already have a pair of space leggings from them. Nicely done, ladies.

Created by two space-crazed Parsons graduates, Shadowplaynyc brings the marvels of the universe to hand-crafted, carefully designed garments. Each piece in this unconventional label is digitally printed with real images from NASA’s Hubble Telescope, which captures vast networks of gas clouds and star clusters thousands of light years away.

Shadowplaynyc started as a passion project for founders Ali Bennaim and Ximena Chouza, who at the time were recent graduates with a lot of motivation, no jobs, and too much time on their hands. Deciding to merge their love for fashion with their fascination with space, Ali and Ximena compulsively printed way too many galactic fabrics and made too many skirts, which eventually led to the opening of their online shop. As spontaneous opportunities came about, these young designers decided to fight the lack of opportunity in the fashion industry and fly their own shuttle. Within a few months, Shadowplaynyc has grown into a retailer that uses online markets as its main platform, allowing the label to reach customers all over the globe, ranging from chic city girls to space lovers of all cultures and ages.

The starry-eyed pair currently hand-make each garment in their Brooklyn-based studio using their brand’s website and Etsy as their primary storefronts. They use all kinds of fabrics ranging from organic cottons to spandex and silks, all sourced locally. They also employ a waste-saving technique, carefully designing every garment to use up almost every inch of fabric, leaving next to nothing for the landfill. Although these young designers have lofty ambitions, they’ll never forget their earthly beginning and aim to remain an environmentally conscious clothing label.


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