Sexy Tentacle Hoodie Now Available from ThinkGeek


I consider myself a bit of a hoodie aficionado and the first time I saw one of these hand made Tentacle Hoodies from our own Raygun Robyn, well let’s just say it got it’s suckers on me and hasn’t let go. The DIY bleach process used creates a unique look for the fun design and you never have to worry about tacky ink cracking, fading, or degrading in any way, plus… TENTACLES! It’s great to see her designs available and being featured on cool sites like ThinkGeek now too, where I can pick up some matching Tentacle Fingers and a ‘Wiggly evil’ USB Squirming Tentacle to complete the look. But, most of all, I hope I get to look as sexy as she does, wrapped in cozy stylish Octopus paws.

Cephalopods are awesome. Two of them show up at a party in the same dress? Bam. Chromatophores.They’ve been shown to use tools, so any time one of them locks itself out of the car, another’s right there with a coat hanger. It’s like magic, only science.

You know, it’s a revelation when you see a DIY project you did in high school done really well. “Oh, so THAT’S what it’s supposed to look like.” That’s exactly what we thought when we saw this bleach-stenciled apparel. For us, bleach stencils were mandated when our unique teenage combination of lazy and messy ruined our favorite shirts. This tentacle stuff elevates the common bleach stencil to a whole other level, so we were pretty excited when this artist out of Baltimore got to the point where she could accommodate ThinkGeek’s cephalopodic needs. Note that because the design is handmade for each shirt, the placement of the tentacles on each garment is unique. We don’t know what you’re going to get, but we can promise it won’t look just like it does in these photos. That’s how art works.


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