Vampire Mad Sophie

vampire eroticfandom mad sophieThe Vampire Mad Sophie photos sizzle! The hot girl on this page has this sick heart tat on her chest—open up her cleavage for a heart-pounding surprise! The costume makes her so mysterious, and check out what she has waiting for you. Open and ready to play, but watch out for those claws. Better catch her in a great mood so she only gives you a *little* pain.

I love the vampire girls. They ooze sexy, and I can just imagine a play date with this girl or one of her friends. I saw the links, and there’s a lot more on this site. The costumes are the best I’ve seen, and the photos are perfect. You better believe I’ll be back!

It is sort of funny that there was a period of time when practically every book out of White Wolf had the name of someone working for Blue Blood in the front, either in the masthead credits or the dedications. And we exhibited at a lot of the same East Coast conventions as fangmaker Sebastian Poe. Yet this is the first photo set we’ve ever published with that whole New York LARP vibe. Mad Sophie wanted to do up the vampyre look and I recently saw someone wearing a Dungeons & Dragons T-shirt fail a quiz about LARPing (she thought it was something “dirty”) so this seemed like just the thing for our fandom section! A word of caution to those who love Blue Blood for fashion inspiration: This outfit is really killer awesome for a live action Vampire game, but you may want to check out your local Gothic club before showing up dressed like this, unless you live in New York City or Atlanta.
–Amelia G

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