The Guild Season 6 Episode 01 – Dream Questline


With as excited as I was to see that Codex got her dream job in the first episode of the season, I just had to share my excitement with someone else. I figured my boyfriend would be into the whole hot redhead and gaming factor so we settled in to watch it together.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go perfect as planned as I had to pause it within the first couple minutes and explain that no, they’re not calling her Kotex, it’s Codex, and about all those two have in common are her lady parts. I figured this was the best time to give him a short rundown on what the show was about. Basically, we have a group of people who make up the guild of “Knights of Good” – Codex the sexy redhead, Zaboo who is a tad bit clingy, Vork that is that 40 year old virgin you’d picture in his mom’s basement, Clara who you will see is the perfect mother, Tink is the Asian babe that works some kind of femdom Princess voodoo over stupid men, and Bladezz who is kinda full of himself and young. And addicted to making youtube videos and ‘mad money’. They all play together on their favorite MMORPG, The Game, and in between that, life happens – and hilarity ensues.

So once that history lesson was wrapped up we got to see the entire gang react to her first day – of course, Tink was busy being full of herself and Vork was too enthralled with his lady friend coming over to really make a fuss. But – cutest and creepiest was Zaboo sneaking into Codex’s place and making her lunch to take with her. That sweet, sweet, little co-dependent fella.

The season has Codex off to a rocky start as she begins her new career working on The Game, only to learn that it might not be the dream job she was expecting. Meanwhile, her stalwart Guild-mates are having problems of their own. This episode includes a special guest appearance by none other than Mike Morhaime, president of Blizzard Entertainment.


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