The Guild Season 6 Episode 06 – Into the Breach


Finally! The underwater sea castle expansion has finally been seen! Codex held true to her word and let Zaboo check it out while she peered over his shoulder. Tink having stolen the original server key, logged on as well and she and Zaboo went off exploring – for a while anyway. It was no surprise to see Zaboo fall for the NPC mer-barmaid at the Flaccid Eel and Tink make googly eyes at Donavon. I must say though, Zaboo in his costume is kinda hot. Something about that weird awkward Indian fella in the powerful getup, kinda does it for me.

While those two are exploring, Vork is confronting Floyd about all the problems he has with The Game. That is, until Floyd has enough and perma-bans Vork’s character. Seriously, he got the shit end of the stick, there. After all that time and money put into the game – I think I’d be just as outraged as Vork was!

With Vork taking his protest outside – he occupies the dragon sitting outside the building and so begins his quest for getting back his character!

Poor cute Codex – she’s stuck in the middle of it all, trying her damnedest to make everyone happy while keeping her job. I would not want to be in her Priest boots right now!

Tink and Zaboo venture into the private test server. Codex deals with yet another Guild interference at her work. Bladezz bonds with Wiggly.


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