The Guild Season 6 Episode 05 – Strange Frenemies


With Zaboo still assuming the role of an IT person, Codex is running around doing odd jobs for her boss, Floyd. This time, she needs to take his used socks out to the burn barrel and burn them, because,and I quote “I can’t stand the thought of other people’s feet being where my feet have been.” And once again I’m amazed that something so weird comes out of a character’s mouth and it’s strikingly similar to something a friend has said to me. Which makes me wonder how I attracted all of these lovable weirdos.

Everyone else is seen in bits and pieces – Clara and Bladezz are making mommy vlogs for YouTube hits, Tink heads off with the key to the test server, and Vork is seen laying on the ground after having his heart stepped on by the woman he loved. Tink’s exchange with Vork does make you think though – it’s like Vork is a well-balanced cross between someone with mild-Asperger’s and a medicated Eeyore the Donkey. There’s definitely some life in that middle aged man!

When the episode ends, it’s Vork that’s in your face and ready to lay out all his grievances with Floyd about The Game – so I’m dying to see the next episode.

Now I need to head to the store because those 8-bit flowers on Floyd’s desk are awesome and just the kind of thing I need to make so I can have my very own smiley, nerdy bouquet!

Codex struggles to cover up Zaboo’s presence at The Guild, and Bladezz offers to help Clara out with her Wiggly problems.


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