Pat Reed

erotic fandom sun karma photographed by amelia g and forrest black

Beautiful RenFaire Garb Sun Karma

Sun Karma is super cute! She’s all sweet and innocent on the surface, but once she loses that formal dress, you’ll find some welcome spice. Those sunburst tattoos...

nixon sixx vampirabat

Nixon Sixx and Vampirabat Conjoined Twins in Antiseptic Fashion

I adore the Siamese twin corset, and this is a great concept piece. For these photo series, it was interesting to bring these two very different girls together. Going on...

azrielle chad michael ward raygun

Raygun Azrielle shot by Chad Michael Ward

Stunning Azrielle has blazing cool down to an art. The tight dreads and no-nonsense come-to-mama pout almost makes me forget she’s packing ray gun heat. Almost. But...

vampire eroticfandom mad sophie

Vampire Mad Sophie

The Vampire Mad Sophie photos sizzle! The hot girl on this page has this sick heart tat on her chest—open up her cleavage for a heart-pounding surprise! The costume...


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