Nixon Sixx and Vampirabat Conjoined Twins in Antiseptic Fashion


nixon sixx vampirabatI adore the Siamese twin corset, and this is a great concept piece. For these photo series, it was interesting to bring these two very different girls together. Going on the twin concept, I say these couldn’t be more unalike, and that, I like.

The only thing I don’t like is how the background color washes out the tats on Nixon Sixx. I love the art, but her arm kind of blends into the background. And her skin reflects the blues way more than Vampirabat. I guess I should be paying more attention to the girls than the colors. Don’t hold that against Nixon Sixx and Vampirabat, though. They’re both hot, and it sure looks like Nixon’s got a lot more to show once you get too looking! The alien-looking cat and vintage medical devices are nice touches.

More is in this free science fiction picture sample gallery and the whole series is on Erotic Fandom.

As both Nixon Sixx and Vampirabat work with morbid curios, it seemed only appropriate to put them into the Siamese twin corset by Antiseptic Fashion. When I asked what the inspiration for Antiseptic was to create such a piece, the designers explained that the concept was to create something so ridiculous that they could never sell it. Then again, who wouldn’t like to be joined at the hip with Vampirabat or Nixon Sixx? The alien kitty and the vintage medical implements are also courtesy of the great people at Antiseptic Fashion. Check out the current issue of Marquis to see one of the shots from this series in glossy full color print. members get to see the whole thing though!

–Amelia G


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