Vampirabat Absorbs Your Gaze


Get ready for Vampirabat’s extravagant style. She is wearing a nice shiny corset (hooray for corsets!) that brings up her breasts as if presenting them to you. Also, the fact that some areas of her head are shaved just gives her a more gripping appearance in this BlueBlood gallery.

Vampirabat (even her name is fantastic) looks like she could hold her own in a fight against Scorpion in Mortal Kombat, as she has even presented a winning pose that lets you see how powerful she can be.

Gothic Sluts like her are not seen often, but, when they make an appearance, they manage to make you notice them and have pleasant dreams about them for the next few days.


I’m getting ready to go to a party at the new Antiseptic Fashion digs right now, so what better time to post a gallery of the beautiful Vampirabat modeling Antiseptic Fashion clothing in this set shot by yours truly and Forrest Black in the San Francisco Antiseptic Fashion location. Cool background by Forrest Black.
–Amelia G




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