Vampirabat Looks Like a Dream


I wish I could show you all the sexyness this Blueblood gallery has to offer, but in the interest of this site remaining SFW, I cannot, all I can do for you is show you some images to wet your appetite and give you a general description of what you are missing:

Vampirabat is posing with a white top that skillfully manages to avoid her breasts with its cleavage, as it reaches up to her neck in an explosion of softness that hides her neck and makes her look like a character out of Alice In Wonderland.

Her makeup is masterfully done to bring out her facial features in the black and white filter from the images.
If you want to see more (and you know you do, since one can never get enough Gothic Sluts; and, frankly, who could blame you?), then you’ll just have to go and see for yourself.


How sexy does Vampirabat look in this series Forrest Black and I shot of her in the Antiseptic Fashion studio wearing some of their leathers and feathers!
–Amelia G




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