Stacy Naughty Dr. Vahlen Cosplay


Stacy is cosplaying as Dr. Vahlen from XCOM, and what a great cosplay it is. Her lab coat and the fact that she even has a nametag just goes to show how much attention to detail CosplayErotica works into their costumes.

Now, let’s move on to the fun parts, because for all the hotness that Stacy displays while wearing this costume, you also want to know what naughty things take place here, right?

Well, at first she seductively tends to her duties, and she lets you see her as she does so. Since she knows you are watching her, she goes on and makes every one of her actions look as seductive as possible, whether it is with a pose or a simple inviting gaze.

Then the heat starts to increase and she takes off her pants, while leaving everything else on. When this happens you’ll be surprised to find that she is wearing a very sexy pair of pantyhose which she then takes off almost immediately to give you a better view of her… qualifications.

At this stage, she continues playing with herself and she even finds some very interesting places to hold her pen while the erotic atmosphere continues to rise to levels that are out of this world. All of which you can enjoy in the photo set or the related video.



Dr. Moira Vahlen is the lead scientist, seemingly an astrobiologist by profession, attached to XCOM who oversees the project’s research laboratories.





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