Stacy Rollerskates and Mischief In Mew Cosplay

Color, lots of color that will brighten your day. This and more is what awaits on this great CosplayErotica set that features the beautiful Stacy cosplaying as Mew from Jet Set Radio.

The contrast that her blue outfit, blue hair and blue makeup offer with the graffiti in the background looks fantastic, because it lets you focus on her while you also get to feel like she is actually a videogame character, thanks to the superposition that the variant in colors bring to the table.

Stacy looks cute at first as she poses in her blue outfit and rollerskates, and then takes a turn to the sensual when she starts to slowly bring up the heat with positions that aim to tease you a bit with her body. After this, the hot atmosphere only increases in quality, as she removes her pants and shows you what they previously helped conceal, and if you watch the video that comes attached to this set, she moves on to a spirited session of self-indulgence.




Jet Set Radio (Jetto Setto Rajio)is an action game developed by the Sega. Mew is a playable character in the game. She joins the GG’s after the player proves his/her skill by doing a few tricks. Her name (mi-u) or (bi-su = Bis) is written in katakana characters on the front of her dress (right on her chest) as seen in the gallery.




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