Miss Monster Shows You Her Naughty “Bats”


I think it is safe to say that Batman made a mistake when projecting his bat-signal onto the sky, as Miss Monster shows us a better way he could have done things with some very creative bat pasties which cover all her naughty bits while leave just enough visible for your heart to jump out of your chest in excitement.

This BlueBlood gallery brings to you the beautiful Miss Monster in her unique punk style as she poses for you in a rather artsy background. Although it is true that you will definitely not notice any of the art on the walls as Miss Monster’s beauty is a BarelyEvil art form itself.




I really enjoyed shooting these with Miss Monster, we all had a very good time and it was occasionally hard to remember that we were supposed to be doing a photo series and not just goof around. We love Miss Monster.
~Forrest Black


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