Gogo and Stacy Zombie Hunter Cosplay


Brace yourself, because this CosplayErotica set lives up to the name by pairing up two gorgeous models, Gogo and Stacy, as they play with each other in lustful ways that will leave you wide-eyed. All while cosplaying as characters from the videogame The Last of Us.

The costumes they have on perfectly express the characters they are supposed to be: Ellie and Tess from the aforementioned game, only here, it seems that they have gotten rid of the zombies around the world and have some time to congratulate one another by doing some very sexy stuff.

It is not only the fact that their clothes come off eventually, but the posing and gunplay that they engage in that makes this photo set and video so good.




Tess is a character in The Last of Us. A hardened survivor, she was at one point in a relationship with Joel. The pair were partners who made their living as smugglers, they traded with survivors outside of the city. She has a “dog-eat-dog philosophy” like Joel and Ellie do.




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