Gogo infects the last of us


I love Cosplay Erotica. I simply love the play of it all. When their sets come to me, it’s a jog down memory lane. The titles have just enough clues to tell you exactly who it is without screaming it. Gogo I’ve seen in a different set before and I somehow didn’t recognize her. I think she hits Tess just perfectly.

Tess is the badass ‘early on gut punches’ that the Last of Us offers up. If you have ever played the game, you will agree she’s a spot on double for Tess. The attitude is there as are the looks. Heck, this makes me want to see a full ‘real life’ movie of Last of Us (hell, Qbert had a movie, I mean…come on, man!). I’ve recalled gun lickers before in my past (LaRue, for example) but Gogo kicks it up a notch with licking and other gun love in this series. I can show you that photo (the lick, not the others, sorry!) but there is one I am looking at right now. Gogo has her back to us, her pants slightly under her hips and she’s looking over her shoulder a bit as she takes her top off. The pose demonstrates just how toned Gogo really is and just how great showing ‘just a hint of skin’ can go a very long way.

If you liked the Last of Us (seriously? Someone didn’t?!), then this is the shoot for you. Hands down the best Last of Us cosplay I’ve seen and that’s coming from a guy who does multiple major cons yearly. The video did not disappoint either. It added a whole other dimension to the stills. I love Cosplay Erotica and this is just one sample of how great their content is. They are imaginative and their models, like Gogo, are fearless. They are the character–and that’s a wonderful thing to see.

“I will not turn in to one of those things.” ―Tess
Tess is a character in The Last of Us. A hardened survivor, she was at one point in a relationship with Joel. The pair were partners who made their living as smugglers, they traded with survivors outside of the city. She has a “dog-eat-dog philosophy” like Joel and Ellie do. She is voiced and mo-capped by Annie Wersching.

CosplayErotica‘s pretty model Gogo seems to be the perfect choice for the erotic Tess cosplay.


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