Gogo Cosplays As Sexy Hunter Helena


I love this cosplay by CosplayErotica, not only because Gogo is beautiful and has a super hot body, but also because Helena Harper is one of my favorite Resident Evil characters. Sure, the game she first appeared on might not actually be a favorite for some, but when you have a character as badass as Helena at your side you can be sure that you’ll have an easier time against bad guys.

Anyway, enough gaming talk, let’s move on to the cosplay goodness.

Gogo is wearing a the grey dress pants and vest with a rolled up shirt that Helena wears while wielding a handgun and posing in ways that make her look focused, lethal and very sexy.

Through the picture set, you can see her with different weapons, but the piece de resistance is when the entire outfit comes off (except for her shoes) and you get some nice shots of her hot body, while on the video you can also see her with weapons, but the costume remains mainly off while she keeps her shirt on, unbuttoned, and shows you a more playful side of her.



In her files, Helena was described as a woman with strong morals and someone who was sympathetic of others and their difficulties, though this fact was easily obscured during the attack on Tall Oaks as she was more concerned with what happened to her sister. Helena was noted as having the tendency of becoming over-emotional and exhibiting an extremely rash behavior and tendency towards violence.





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