Gogo Cosplays As Agent 13 In Lots Of Hot Leather


This CosplayErotica set starts with a lot of action poses where you can see Gogo moving around, and trying various sexy postures while also pointing her gun in that sexy and dangerous combination that makes you excited about what the next image has got in store.

The leather suit she has on is amazing; it is all black, super sexy, and tight in all the right places, which helps accentuate her sensual figure. One of the best parts about it is the way the top is unzipped just enough to give you a nice peek at her lustful cleavage. Well, that and the gorgeous woman who is wearing it, of course.

Then, almost as if it was magic, her pants are gone completely, and you can enjoy the lower part of her body in full view. Once this happens, she takes her faithful gun and starts using it in a different, more erotic way until she simply gives in to pleasure and starts playing with her sultry body in both the images and the stimulating video.



Agent XIII from The iconic Eastern European comic series is really a badass – the trademark tatoo, the fetishy-love for leather clothes and boots, and of course the always loaded good old 9mm with a silencer. Perfect cosplay for Gogo! (request)





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