KickStart my Potato!


I love Potatoes. I really do. I love them French fried, mashed, (sometimes) baked, shot out of cannon (seriously, so sorry about your sign, Subway in Eagle River!), couch, the Mr and Mrs variety, and even that Poutine stuff Quebec has but I never thought to see a video game featuring them. Until now! I bring you Potato Planet!

From the same creative mind behind EroticBPM, we see a Kickstarter Campaign to create a rather cool FPS action puzzle type game. I am going to let the quote setup Potato Planet for you, but it does sound a lot of fun. The graphics are a bit cool with the gun and display and the idea of using potatoes for just about everything works here. There’s a video on the page that you can check out. The video reminded me of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (the vibe).

I could see myself easily playing this between reviews, so I really hope it launches. Let’s do our part and help–every little bit counts and if your bit is a bit bigger, one of the prizes is a 3d printed potato.

Potato Planet! is a first person action physics puzzle game with potatoes as your only limited resource and your only enemy. You’ve crashed on a strange planet where potatoes are the dominant lifeform. While solving physics puzzles and fighting off angry potatoes, you must retrieve bits of tech from your crashed spaceship that have been scattered about in order to upgrade your weapon and make repairs to your ship so you can survive and get home. A computer AI companion helps guide the way and provides snarky commentary.


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