Kickstart my heart with some fab Lashes – LashyDoodle Kickstarter is here!


LashyDoodle. If you’ve ever poked yourself in the eyes with glue to look fab, you’ll understand why LashyDoodle is needed. Straight outta the minds of BlueBlood’s Amelia G and Forrest Black, this kickstarter kicks some serious butt. I’ve worn lashes only a few times either applying them myself or in a makeup chair and each–and every–time it’s been a real pain (literally). I cannot remember a single positive application of lashes. If lashes are that hard to put on, why do we keep doing it to ourselves? The results. The allure. Nothing makes your eyes pop more than a fantastic set of lashes. Enter LashyDoodle.

Painless. Hypoallergenic. Pure Magic. You get the killer look of lush lashes (with some fab choices!) and none of the pain. LashyDoodle not only look better than the long lash eye pokes of death we all grew up with, but they are a breeze to put on. No more tears (unless you’re Ozzy, then rock on!).

The good doctor never pushes anything he don’t put his money where his mouth (or babyblues in this case) is and this is one kickstarter I’m definitely doubling down on. You get to look fab in an easy painless way and you get the security of knowing that BlueBlood’s AmeliaG is presenting this Kickstarter. What more can you ask for? Wha? The hell you say? A book!? Well, guess what darlings–a book of the most gorgeously lashed people ever to grace this Earth (besides yourselves, of course!) is exactly what’s available! It’s from award winning BlueBlood combo of truth AmeliaG and Forrest Black, so you know it’s going to be good. In fact, there is even a pledge level for just the book if you’re more of a fan of the printed page than the living canvas.

I’m not sure what y’all waiting for, but I’m going to click the linky-poo and get in line for some lush lash fun and I hope to see you there, too.

LashyDoodle next generation high tech lashes are luxurious fun. The first thing you’ll notice are the fabulous designs, but the best thing about them is how easy they are to put on and take off. These lashes are so easy to apply that you just use our special hypoallergenic eyeliner (so much gentler than glue!) and then place the lashes on the liner to attach them, without fear of messing up your eyeshadow and having to start over, because LashyDoodle lashes are magically easy and painless to apply, remove, and reposition. You can even try on a few different styles to decide what looks best with your outfit. LashyDoodle eyelashes are so easy to change that you can just gently remove a pair, without damage to your makeup, skin, or natural lashes, and reapply a different pair. It is that simple and painless to go from day to night or switch up looks on a photo shoot or TV show or dress up your makeup without commitment for a quick Instagram selfie. LashyDoodle eyelashes are for everyone. You don’t have to be a makeup expert to put them on and they look glamorous on all genders. All you need is to enjoy convenience, adventure, and looking great.


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