The Sexiest Mad Killer Raychul Moore

Jason Voorhes is the antagonist in the “Friday the 13th” movie where he always wears a mask and uses a machete as his primary weapon. Behind his dark appearance is an even darker truth. Part of which is plotting revenge among those who were responsible for the death of his beloved mother. As the eventful day came, Friday the 13th, his long awaited revenge is falling into place.

Raychul Moore made an insanely hot cosplay of Jason Voorhes. However, as she walks through the set, it kinda looks creepy as she acts the Jason Voorhes part. She even got her friend, Ted Bracewell, to tag along and act as one of her victims.

All photos were taken by Seth Hendrix.

Edit: We love Raychul Moore so much that we put her on the cover of Bazowie! magazine.

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