Lana’s Spiderwoman Cosplay Makes you Tingle


Let me ask you something: is there something better than super heroes?

The answer is, of course, yes: super-heroines! Especially when they are super-hot (let’s face it, they usually are) and wearing a tight costume like Lana is in this Spiderwoman cosplay that will have you ready to succumb to her powers of seduction while she poses for you in a sexy way, and ultimately reveals more than her secret identity to you.

Just kidding! Lana does not actually let you see her whole face here, but she does show you her full naked body in this CosplayErotica set where she starts with the full red and yellow costume from the character, and ends up only with the mask, the gloves and the yellow boots, but I’m sure you don’t mind that as long as you can see her getting naughty in the related video as well.



Spider-Woman was born Jessica Miriam Drew, daughter of Jonathan Drew and Merriam Drew, in London, England. At a young age, her family moves to a lab built by her father and Herbert Wyndham near Mount Wundagore in Transia, where she becomes gravely ill from months of uranium exposure. To save her life, her father injects her with an experimental serum based on irradiated spiders’ blood.





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