Gogo starts on her Radiant Quest


One of the things I think about when I get a new Cosplay Erotica shoot to review is the outstanding costume designs. I’ve done Comic Con behind the scenes and these costumes really stand out to me as “Most cosplayers would kill for this”. CosplayErotica always brings it hard with the design and the models really fit the look too. Gogo is perfect for this Skyrim ‘Radiant Quest’ shoot. She really likes to play with the artefacts and can do a killer pose or two. I loved her lunge posing. It reminded me of something I would see growing up while reading fantasy fiction. I think there is an artstyle to this look and Gogo really has it. I mean, take a look at that killer angle her boots do kissing her calves. The entire costume comes alive with Gogo. I really loved the silver top being pulled together at the sides like that. It gives the costume a dimension of showing and covering. The cape and broaches really work well here too. It just goes to show how much eye to detail CosplayErotica really puts in their shoots. Even the little things like the extra braids in her hair really add a dimension to this piece. Something else that adds an extra dimension is that red undergarment she wears. It just hangs off so well until she decides to discard it.

By the way, the video of this really shows how well Gogo can move in (and out of) that costume. Some of the pictures reflect her movement, but the video really captures her fun side when she pops a monster face in one part. I liked the video as a great companion to the photoset (plus, when she starts to lick that weapon…shivers…)


Body: Fighter/Amazon
Legs: Medium
Boobs: Natural
Hair: Dark blonde


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