Miss Monster Shows Off Her Cross Pasties


In this BlueBlood gallery, you will get to see the extraordinary Miss Monster, as she poses with her characteristic mohawk and red makeup, which works harmoniously well with her tattoos and blonde hair.

Her red dress serves as contrast for the rest of the outfit, and the pasties that cover her nipples with inverted crosses will make you grateful that you are not a vampire, so you can take a closer look to this BarelyEvil vision.

Make sure you are ready for some surprises, because Miss Monster does not only stand around, she does her best to keep the sensual tone alive (and achieves it with flying colors) while presenting interesting poses and playthings to keep you interested and excited.


The badass Miss Monster makes all sorts of different pasties and other clothing items herself. She personally handmade the outfit she is wearing (and not wearing) in this series. This set is also special because it is the very first time she ever used a toy, but she was game to try it out for us. She just casually mentioned as we were getting going that she’d never done it before. Forrest Black and I, of course, love shooting Miss Monster. Creative and sexually adventurous are good qualities.
–Amelia G



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