Arrow – Vertigo


Shaky cam action sequence! Arrow chases after Vertigo pushers on the eve of Thea’s court date, for being a spoiled, rich girl with daddy issues. Aww, poor Speedy, she’s gonna have to pay for her mistakes. What a mean judge that guy is. Where was he when Lindsay was on trial? And continues to be on trial?

Whoa, when Ollie seeks some police help he finds an old friend instead. It’s frigging Shiva from “The League” and Whats-Her-Butt from “True Blood”. That was a cameo I wasn’t expecting, but I’m happy none the less. Of course, she won’t be taking her shirt off on THIS show.

We’re quickly introduced to The Count, the daddy behind Vertigo and this episode’s baddie of the week. It’s an odd choice of Lincoln from “Fringe” as I find it hard to see him as any sort of bad guy. Come on! It’s Lincoln! Vertigo doesn’t look like fun guys.

Ollie pulls out all the stops trying to get info and track down The Count. He goes back to his Russian mob connection from Season One. But first a test, kill this guy and we take you to das Count. Ollie asks Laurel for help with Detective Dresden but has to convince her dad to get over his anger as he still blames Ollie for his daughter’s death.

Whaaaaaaaaa! I’m a spoiled rich girl! I want to punch the tv when Speedy whines like a bitch like that. Well that drug deal went badly and Ollie got dosed. He starts tripping like crazy with prolonged after effects. Why did he run after The Count, ah ah ah? Isn’t that a little obvious to his motives and what not? Our girl Felicity runs some magic and finds out where in the city the drug is being made. Yeah! Sure!

The drug factory looks more like a rave. Why are the “chemists” shirtless and wearing plastic jackets? Is this a new look I’m not aware of?

Felicity also gives Ollie a book of names, just like the one he got from his father. Only this one was from Walter and belonged to Moira. The plot thickens! Now Ollie knows that Moira is completely involved and maybe we’ll see more of Felicty.

In Backstoryville, Ollie’s friend on the island turns out to work for the Bad Guys and he doesn’t know what to think now. He’s made to Fight Club and that’s where he learns that nifty Sleeper Hold trick. Kind of a meh episode but at least their building to some things. I think.

Shirtless Count: 0, unless you count the raver chemists.


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