BlueBlood’s Penny Poison devourers Mr Spooky


How’s that for a title? Did I get your attention yet? Don’t worry, if you have any access–at all–to the BlueBlood website, then you need to stop reading this review and click on over. Yes, this shoot is that darn hot. Blue Blood really brings it this time and Amelia G with Forrest (why do I keep typing out Frank?!) Black have really nailed it. When I first saw Mr Spooky and Penny Poison, they were having fun in a chap-hell. Now, that fun has made its way top-side and, well, let’s just say I had a question answered. In my original review of the couple, I couldn’t help but notice that (besides the killer ink they both have) Penny Poison’s tongue looked ‘odd’ in some of the pictures. I thought to myself, ‘Is it a shadow, or does her tongue look bisected?’. Today I have my answer–and boy do I ever have some great photographic evidence of that answer (and boy do I wish I could show you all, but let’s just say the photos have a bit of Mr Spooky still lingering on that tongue). One of these shots (I even could show you as it was safe for work!) is my favorite of Penny Poison. The smile says it all.

This shoot is great. It is almost 100% not safe for work, but take my word for it–there are a lot of pictures here that are well worth the price of admission. The thing that really works for this shoot is that Mr Spooky and Penny Poison look like a real couple (because they are). There is a sweetness to Penny Poison in these pictures and it plays very well with the camera. Oh and if you are a sword lover, then you really need to check some of the display case items Mr Spooky has. I’m a bit jealous (of not just the display case though…). There is one part of the set that really made me pause. It is when Penny Poison is ummm…demonstrating her….errmm…bisected skills on a very willing Mr Spooky. I’ve never quite experienced something exactly like that before, but now I am really wondering what that feels like.

By the way, the woman on Penny Poison‘s left arm (and the purple ribbon work) is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know where she got that ink done, but hats off to the artist.

I know we just had a Penny Poison update, but Forrest Black and I are just so excited about this shoot with Penny Poison and her real life lover Mr. Spooky that I’m posting it now anyway. Mr. Spooky hosts a horror TV show. Penny used to watch him on television and masturbate. And then they found each other. Mr. Spooky and Penny Poison have such a good energy with each other, just the kind of thing I initially set out to immortalize with Blue Blood in print in 1992. It makes me really really happy to be able to show you these great people and share this shoot with all of you. All right, I am off to go see a giant duck in the harbor at the Port of Los Angeles now. (Really.) I felt I needed more surreal weekend plans.
–Amelia G


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